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I've always been afraid of getting needle work done on my body, but Jean does an amazing job with her IMS needling. I've been working with Jean for about 4 months now and my body has never felt better. Being a competitive bodybuilder, the constant wear and tear of the muscle causes a lot of muscle tightness and dysfunction. She assess my body and went to work.

The results were amazing. One of my main problems were that my lats don't "fire" or "pop" easily and she made them flare out. Another was the constant nagging pain in my elbow. She realized my long head tricep wasn't firing and my short head was taking all the pressure. She was able to "turn on" my long head tricep and reduce inflammation to my short head.

All in all I've had nothing but an amazing experience with Jean and will continue to work with her.

Brandon Chan

Physique Competitor


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