Machines, Machines Machines

Once upon a time, before Physical Therapy school, my Physiotherapist at the time asked me to promise his that when I begin my practice, I would never hook a patient up to a modality. I said “Yes.” Each therapist has their treatment preference, each therapist has different strengths and weaknesses. He believed that time with patients was better spent providing manual therapy and teaching therapeutic exercises than running modalities- and I AGREE!

However many years later, I broke that promise.


Modalities will never be the main treatment in my sessions

I have found a combination of certain modalities in adjunct to manual therapy and exercise very effective in treating certain conditions. Sometimes our bodies need that extra bit of help!

For example: I often use Ultrasound to reduce swelling and break down calcification. Temporary athletic taping to reduce pressure on certain tissues, as weak muscles get stronger with therapeutic exercises. Interferential Current and Heat packs for acute pain relief, improved circulation, and to be honest sometimes we all need some Rest and Relaxation once in a while.

Modalities I may use include:

Electrical stimulation ( Interferential Current, TENS etc.)

Ultrasound Therapy

Shockwave Therapy

Athletic Taping


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