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In 2019, I did a dry needling demo with the staff at the supplement company Magnum Nutraceuticals  and got the nickname “Needle Lady”… it stuck. Dry needling is the use of a thin filiform needle to stimulate underlying myofascial trigger points, shortened muscles and abnormal connective tissue such as scar tissue. It is often my choice of treatment, because it is a quick “Reset” to the muscular and nervous system. In combination with stabilization exercises, I have found it very powerful in helping a wide range of patients overcome injury and optimize their body.

A Healthy muscle is one that can fully contract and fully relax. Over-used muscles from poor motor patterns and sustained postures can accumulate adhesions and scar tissue which prevent them from fully contracting and firing. Additionally, nerves that send motor signals to your muscle exit the spine, and pass many structures before finally reaching its final destination. Any tight muscles can press on and irritate nerves which lead to poor motor recruitment, changes in sensation ( ie numbness and tingling) and dysfunction.  Breaking down muscle adhesions with dry needling can improve your Range of Motion, Muscle Contractility, Blood Circulation and Motor Control. 

“Reset” or “Tune up” are common words that my patients use when book a dry needling appointment. If needles aren’t your jam- I understand! I have other tools to help you, because for the millionth time “ You know that I don’t just dry needle right?”.

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