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Empowering patients to move is the heart of Physiotherapy

Therapeutic exercises are important to assist in the recovery following an injury and often speed up the recovery process. As therapists, our role is to prescribe safe and appropriate exercise at appropriate doses to match your current situation, stage of injury and your goals. Proper load management is essential when treating acute and chronic injuries.

During my comprehensive assessment I always look at WHY the injury happened in the first place. If we do not address the DRIVER of your injury- then you will ALWAYS COME BACK! . Specific exercises to address lack of core/ joint stability, muscle imbalances and poor proprioception/ balance/ coordination are critical to recovery, especially if you are active. In conjunction with a mobility maintenance program, once you are discharged, I likely will never see you again, unless it is running into you at the neighbourhood grocery store.

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My job as a therapist is to identify dysfunction and address it prior to injury! A Pre- habilitation exercise program can help minimize muscular imbalances, improve posture and promote safe, efficient and effective movement patterns. Let’s work together to Optimize your body. It is important to MOVE WELL before you MOVE FAST and MOVE HEAVY.

What’s Next?

My goal is to empower my patients to continue to move!

I have a huge network of Coaches and Trainers that I work with, and I am confident we can find a good fit for you- whether is it personal training, group fitness classes or an individualized training program.

Want to keep working with me? Lets make it happen!

I am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist ( CSCS), Registered Yoga Instructor ( RYT-200) and Personal Trainer ( ACSM). 

  • I offer a limited number of spots for Online Physiotherapist Guided Strength and Conditioning Programs

  • I also offer a limited number of sessions a week of One-on-one Physiotherapist lead Strength and Conditioning Sessions ( 60 minutes)

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