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“ I Get you, because I have been in your shoes. Don’t worry, I’m on your team now and I got you”

Being a Bikini and Powerlifting Competitor myself, I understand the intensity and volume with high level training, and unfortunately the possible repercussions of acute and chronic overuse injuries. I work with patients and their trainers/ coaches to rehabilitate these injuries or avoid them all together!

I blend a Physical Therapy orthopaedic assessment with a functional assessment specific to the athlete’s goals to create a individualized treatment plan.

This plan may include:

  • Manual therapy, dry needling, and modalities to help you finally overcome that nagging injury

  • Therapeutic exercises to improve posture and joint position

  • A scheduled “tune up” every two weeks to “reset” your muscles and reduce axial compression on nerve roots to improve muscle activation, strength and performance

  • A mobilization program for self -maintenance

  • Direct communication with your coach/trainer with recommendations for exercise modifications

I specialize in helping physique competitors bring their best to the stage. Training without appropriate rest and recovery lead to muscle adhesion and scar tissue. This leads to reduced Range of motion, muscle girth and muscle belly size. I use manual therapy, dry needling and cupping to break down these adhesions. Additionally, as competitors get closer to stage, I also use my toolkit to minimize asymmetries and bring out muscle details. I can’t do the “prep” work for you, but I can help you bring your absolute best to the stage.

You are not going to find a therapist who will look more closely at the symmetry of your Back Double Bi. 

Athlete-Coach-Therapist Collaboration: Service
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